Inside a canister type motorcycle oil filter

The inner workings of a motorcycle canister type oil filter (the ones that come enclosed in a metal case). This oil filter was brand new and never used when we dismantled it.

Motorbike canister filter bottom/side
Motorbike canister filter top
Motorbike canister filter bottom
Intact Oil filter prior to disassembly
Filter cut in half
Interior and bottom of the filter
Paper element and casing
Oil filter cut in half

The canister type oil filter was cut in half to show the inner workings.

Oil filter in pieces
The oil filter in pieces showing the paper filter element and the outer metal casings.

The interior metal strainer of the oil filter, there to help the filter keep it’s shape. Holes are to provided maximum oil flow through the filter.

Interior metal strainer
Alternative view of strainer
The internal metal parts of the oil filter

The filter element inside the filter which removes waste particles from the oil and the filter with the element removed showing the center metal (internal) casing.

Filter element inside the filter
Metal interior behind the filter
Canister motorcycle oil filter with the outer casing removed.

Outer (protective) metal casing of a canister filter.

Outer metal case of an oil filter
Canister oil filter outer metal casing

The rubber sealing rings located on the bottom of the filter. This rubber ring is fairly heat resistant to withstand the heat from the engine and the heat of the oil. This oil seal is there to stop oil leaking out from the bottom of the filter.

Note: The exposed surface of this ring should be smeared with engine oil (used oil is fine) before installing the filter to prevent it sticking to the engine casing

Oil filter rubber sealing ring
Rubber sealing ring from the filter

Paper filter element of the filter showing the fibres which are designed to filter out and trap waste particles from the used engine oil.
The fibres are quite densly packed, it’s more like a cloth then paper and this is to trap waste particles from the engine combustion process.

Oil filter paper element
Oil filter paper element close up
Paper element inside the filter

This element is why the oil filter should be changed regularly and why changing the engine oil without changing the oil filter is a waste of time and money (this element stops alot of the particles but not all, hence why engine oil turns black after a short period).

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