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Pros and cons of 2 stroke and 4 stroke engines

Pros and Cons of 2 and 4 Stroke Engines

2 Stroke Engines

Simple to produce
High noise levels
Easy and cheap to manufacture
High Pollution levels (caused by burning of oil with the fuel)
Relatively high power output for CC
Low fuel economy
Ideal for smaller motorcycles and scooters up to 125cc due to low production cost and good power output
Narrow power band
Due to the way oil is burnt in the cylinder, re-bores are required every so often

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Differences between 2 and 4 stroke engines

2 and 4 stroke Engine Principles

The basic differences between the engines…

The main difference between 2 and 4 stroke engines is the way they use oil. As any 2 metal surfaces rub together (such as the piston and piston rings rubbing up and down against the cylinder barrel), friction is caused. This friction causes the metal parts to wear as they rub against each other. In order to minimise friction and wear on engine components, engines use oil as lubrication which provides a thin layer of protection between the metal surfaces.

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