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Kal-Gard, a product line of Anderson Lubricants, was created in 1969, by Joe Ardigo and Ken Taylor, to produce "the ultimate in lubricants and coatings". Since then constant research and development has made Kal-Gard the only choice when real performance is required.

The quality of Kal-Gard products is such that they have been chosen for use on the Stealth Bomber, Boeing, Battle Tanks and the Space Shuttle:

In fact, wherever the "Ultimate Lubricant or Coating" is required, the choice is Kalgard.

U.L.T. is also applying its expertise to the protection, economy and performance of automobiles, motorcycles, ATVs’, watercraft, snowmobiles and even guns. In these areas, Kal-Gard offers the same high standards and quality that has been proven by our successes in many forms of racing, such as NASCAR, Indy Car, NHRA (Drag racing), F1 motorcycle, and many more!

Contact Details:

Website: www.kalgard.com

Kal-Gard Lubricants (Division of Incotec Corp.)
1347 Poole Street Bldg. 106
CA 93501

Phone: (888) 858-4273

Fax: (661) 824-1558


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  1. cloyd caviness avatar
    cloyd caviness

    Hi, i was wondering if you could send me out some of your stickers and t-shirts to promote your products i been using them for years?

    1. Sorry but were not Kal-Gard (this is just an info page about them).

      You could try contacting them directly through their website: http://www.kgcoatings.com/about

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