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On 19th March 1899, Charles ‘Cheers’ Wakefield set up an oil company in England. Ten years later, he produced a new lubricant that would revolutionise transport in the first half of the twentieth century. He called the new oil Castrol.

The success of our company owes much to the original philosophy of Charles Wakefield. He drew on the help and encouragement of his customers in developing his new Castrol Oils because he had the foresight to see that working in partnership was the best way to achieve success for both parties.
This rationale is as relevant to us today as it was then.

Charles Wakefield played a major role in the rapidly developing transport industry, placing his faith in the potential of the internal combustion engine as the power source of the future.
Working hand in hand with pioneering aviators and motorists of the day as aircraft, the motorcycle and the motorcar were emerging, he aimed to create the highest quality engine oils, and then to improve them.
In doing so, he contributed to exciting record achievements.
It was natural that Castrol was the chosen motor oil for breaking world speed and endurance records, on land, on sea and in the air. The Land Speed Record alone has been broken an amazing 21 times by cars using Castrol automotive lubricants.

Castrol lubricants were tested and proved at the very limits of endurance, a technique we continue to this day. Many of our motor oils and automotive lubricants that started out as competition grades have become available to the everyday motorist, allowing millions of people worldwide to share in the benefits of race-proven technology.

Castrols founder was also a pioneer in marketing, before marketing had even been invented.
His strategy of advertising record-breaking and sporting feats achieved by pace-setting Castrol users was pure original thinking, and certainly put Castrol ‘on the map’ in England and around the world.
Castrols support of international teams in many areas of motorsport continues to be a key part of their promotional activity in the new century.

With more than one hundred years of experience in satisfying their customers needs, they remain as committed today to providing the most technically advanced motor oils, automotive lubricants and related services as was Charles Cheers Wakefield when he founded Castrol.

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Address: Castrol UK Ltd, Wakefield House, Pipers Way, Swindon
SN3 1RE United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)1793 512 712


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    am in a place where castrol oil vocaburaly to motorist but i want to the best when servecing how can get the oil?

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      Your best bet would probably be to ask Castrol directly where your nearest stockist is:

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